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September 5 & 6 - 16 & 17


GRI: Real Estate Marketing

Provider# 0001  Course# 0557  LIVE Instructors Michica Guillory & Jodi Sherretts



30hrs SAE or 10hrs CE Cost $150


Course Description:

Topics include: seller services, buyer services, technology, and environment & green building.



September 10


Open Houses

 Provider# 0001  Course# 37411  Instructor: Jodi Sherretts 



3hrs CE Cost $35


Course Description:

Description: Comprehensive course on how to plan, promote, and perform highly successful open house events. It’s a week-long project with loads of tips to increase traffic and create excitement around a listing.
Relevance: For many consumers, this is their first face-to-face meeting of a license-holder. This course will assist in making that first impression a good one, and perhaps get a property sold!



September 11


Real Estate Safety Matters = Smart Business

Provider# 00021  Course# 32557   Instructor: Tina Wilcher



3hrs CE  FREE


Course Description:

Every year real estate professionals are threatened, robbed or assaulted while performing routine duties like showing a property or conducting an open house. This course will discuss what precautions to take when meeting with customers and clients during Listing and Buyer Agreement presentations. How to identify potential risk areas and situations to avoid, thereby reducing the exposure to becoming a crime victim during the course of normal business activity. The information provided will increase awareness and provide another level of security protocol to help keep the real estate professional and their client safe.

License holder will learn how to assess risk in their current practice and create safety systems, scripts, and tools for listing appointments, showing property, and conducting open houses. They will also learn how to protect personal and electronic information online, in the cloud, and on social networks. As a practical resource, this course offers easy-to-remember strategies for the real estate professionals to conduct business and avoid potentially dangerous situations.


4 Skills You Need to Improve Your Transaction

 Provider# 0001  Course#  37377   Instructor: Tina Wilcher



2hrs CE Cost $25


Course Description:

Communication, cooperation, courtesy, and competence will benefit you during each phase of a transaction. Get details on these four C’s and how using these skills will help you provide clients with the high-quality service they deserve.



September 23


Fishing for FSBOs

Provider# 0001  Course# 35551   Instructor: Tina Wilcher



2hrs CE cost $25


Course Description:

Every year agents spend millions of dollars on lead generation tools with little or no return. In this course, agents will learn to use two uncommon sources to generate leads: FSBO and Expired listings. By learning to tap into these niche pockets of the real estate market, agents can stabilize and grow their real estate business.



September 24


Generating Buyer and Seller Leads

 Provider# 0001   Course#  34298   Instructor: Katrina Barnes



8hrs CE Cost $85


Course Description:

As a real estate professional, you know that lead generation is critical for growing your real estate business. What lead generation strategies offer the greatest return or how will you know where to invest your time, efforts and money? This course will help students evaluate the art and science of generating leads. Course will examine the lead generation process from identifying viable leads, to qualifying them and converting them into clients. The course will also review the tools and techniques necessary to implement a successful lead generation strategy tat is adaptable to your business and target market.



September 30


Implement a Video Strategy to Secure Leads

 Provider# 0001  Course# 34750  Instructor:Tina Wilcher



2 hrs CE Cost $25


Course Description:

By 2019 79% of all content viewed online will be videos. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If a picture is worth a thousand words then one video is worth 10,000 words, literally. The typical buyer used a mobile device to search for properties online. They look at websites with photos, videos, home listings, and information about the home buying process. Turn one video into photos, a podcast, a blog post, several tweets, Facebook status updates and much, much more.


Advanced Social & Digital Media Strategies

 Provider# 0001  Course# 36384   Instructor: Tina Wilcher



2hrs CE Cost $25


Course Description:

Just having a presence on the web and social media isn’t sufficient in today’s new era of digital marketing. Agents will learn how to create and deploy social media and content curation strategies and tactics to vastly improve their online visibility and customer engagement opportunities. Specific emphasis is placed on real estate-specific intelligence, use cases and best practices in social/digital media, and the emergence of newer visual channels such as Instagram and Pinterest. The course also provides a brief framework to ensure agents’ online activities remain compliant with TREC rules, the REALTORS® Code of Ethics, and federal regulations regarding influencers, reviews and endorsements.