Autopay FAQ’s


What is Autopay?


How do I sign up for Autopay?

  1. Visit and log in.
  2. Click the Membership menu and select Account/Pay Bill.
  3. Under Account Information select “Update Your Credit Card Here.”
  4. Click “Add a New Credit Card” or “Modify card on file.”
  5. Enter card information and select your autopayment preferences and click Submit.


 What can I pay for with Autopay?


Can my card be saved on file without enabling Autopay?


When will my card be charged?


Can I cancel Autopay?


Are there extra fees for signing up with Autopay?


Can I get a refund after my card has been charged via Autopay?


What payment methods are available for Autopay?


How do I update a card on file?


What if my card expires?


What if the payment is rejected and/or declined?


Is Autopay mandatory?